A great way to introduce your taste buds to four amazing coffees from around the world. There are so many wonderful coffees available these days, so why not give them all a taste. Which one is your favourites?




The Genesis Coffee Taster (Medium Roast) includes 4 x 250g of coffee:

Four very different flavoured coffees from around the globe. Start tasting with our Genesis Coffee selection pack and find your favourite coffee. 

Buying for a gift? You can even add your own personalised message! Buy our Genesis Coffee Taster Gift Box

If you are interested in exploring the wide range of coffee flavours from around the globe, the Genesis Coffee Gift Box is a great first step. Earthy Indian Monsooned Malabar, fruity and bright Sidamo, full-body and rich acidity of Colombia and nutty flavours of Guatemala Antigua will certainly cover the range.

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Weight 1000 g


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