Washed Sidamos are high quality coffee with unique sweet floral flavours, and an ideal balance between acidity and body.

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ETHIOPIA SIDAMO Grade 2 coffee.

Sidamo covers a large area spreading through the fertile highlands south from Lake Awasa in the Rift Valley. It is made up of over 20 different administrative areas, or ‘woredas’, with varying micro climates and altitudes. The region is one of the leading areas in coffee production and is considered an important part of the Ethiopian coffee production.

REGION: Sidamo Region, Various Estates
GROWING ALTITUDE: 1750-2200 Meters
HARVEST PERIOD: October-December
BOTANICAL VARIETY: Typica And Varieties
PROCESS: Washed(Up To 36 Hour Of Fermentation)
AROMAS: Strawberry Jam, Dry Oranges, Jasmine, Refreshing & Floral
BODY: Low-Medium
ACIDITY: Medium-High

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