Brewing with a Hario V60

60 drip brew

Let’s Brew Coffee

Hario V60 is the star of the new generation coffee world. In this, Hario’s strong and aesthetic designs; The wide, attractive and endless product range also plays a role. The conical structure design, and the filter also has an effect on the flow rate. With the Hario V60, you can control the pouring, flow and temperature of the water.

It drains the brewing water very quickly thanks to its large hole compared to the Chemex drip Brewer which is similar V-shaped or conical brewing equipment. Most of the conical brewing equipment has a partially flattened base and several small drain holes. The paper is thinner and the ribbed design on the edges shortens the evacuation time. However, this requires a very good pouring technique which can make it tricky to repeat the exact same brew. It is a delicate technique and not easy without a swan neck kettle.

Brewing equipment information

hario v60 filter
  • The grooves (spirals) on the inner surface allow the water to flow in a vortex shape, ensuring an even brew.
  • Easy to clean
  • It is made of different materials (plastic, ceramic, glass, metal) and can be found in different sizes (-01, -02, -03)
  • Provides temperature control throughout brewing
  • Paper filter absorbs coffee oils and reduces bitterness
  • Controlled pouring brew time can be adjusted
  • V60 papers are thinner than other Brewer designs leaving a less papery taste

Brewing Tips

You pour in circular motions, either from inside to outside or from outside to inside. Once the entire coffee bed is saturated, pour slowly in the middle. A bolder technique would be to keep the kettle stationary by turning the V60 directly around itself so that the height, flow and angle of the pour do not change.

Avoid pouring water under the filter as water will flow directly into your glass without any contact with the coffee, causing an uneven brew.

The water level should not exceed the coffee bed level. Otherwise, the particles float in the water, the structure of the bed deteriorates (finding the shortest way in which water can flow), and the coffees that adhere to the edges dissolve less.

Looking for sharper, brighter flavour? Shorten the brewing time a little. Extend it for the opposite. However, if you brew it too long, you will have a bitter coffee.

Plastic, ceramic and glass are perfect in terms of design / functionality. The differences are largely aesthetic. Although ceramic is thought to provide better heat preservation, it should be remembered that it will heat itself (heat sink) first and will require a very good preheating for homogeneous heat, it can be machine washed; plastic is more advantageous in heat preservation, durable, easy to carry, affordable.

The coffee to water ratio is ideally 15:1. Our recommendation will be to use more than 20g and less than 15g of coffee to make a single coffee. Water temperature should be between 92-96 ° C. The duration should be between 2-4 minutes. It is hard to give grinding level as everyone grinder is set differently. It is however close to the filter coffee setting.

A Little Rocket Science

The ribbed / spiral-like inner structure, reminiscent of ribs, pushes the water inwards from the edges and makes it evenly spread (with the help of the hydrodynamic distribution) of the water that reaches saturation. The goal is to prevent sewage (finding the fastest way water can flow sneakily).

The large hole allows water to flow evenly over the bed without allowing excessive brewing. It allows you to control the brewing time – by adjusting the fall technique and grinding level.

The grooves maintain temperature stability as much as possible throughout the brewing by minimizing contact with the paper (and insulating the air ducts).

It gives a result with a lower body, cleaner, flavor and flavor emphasized compared to the immersion techniques.

It is based on a simple but very clever idea: the grooved inner walls allow air to escape, creating space for coffee grains to expand as much as possible, which means more efficient pre-brewing and the dissolution rate of the coffee increases.

The name V60 comes from the 60 degree slope of the filter chamber. This angle maximizes the contact of water with ground coffee and makes it easier to carry the aromatic / tasting content to the glass.



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